Build Your Breast Milk Stash Bootcamp

The STEP BY STEP GUIDE to build your breast milk stash

before returning to work

Follow my exact step by step planning that will guide you to build your breast milk stash before you return to work.

Here's what we'll cover in this 5-day BOOTCAMP:

+ Why you need a breast milk stash (and the WRONG reason to have one).

+ How much freezer stash you will need.

+ How to squeeze pumping sessions on top of direct latch.

+ Setting goal and planning your pumping routines (case study examples).

+ Secrets from moms who successfully building a decent freezer stash.

Learn to build your breast milk stash before returning to work here. Include 5-day email lessons PLUS free freezer stash planner

+ BONUS #1: sample of pumping schedule!

+ BONUS #2: freezer stash calculator (to help you plan your pumping routine and reach your stash goal)!

"Thank you Rina! I so appreciate you, your blog and the calculator.

I have been pumping on one side while nursing on the other which helps with my let down. I am also practicing massage and working my ducts with hand massage while pumping which is helpful.

In just one week, I have pumped and stored 23.75 ounces!"

- Theresa Yost -

Here's what happen when you click that big red button:

+ You enter your name and e-mail address to which the lessons will be delivered.

+ Upon confirmation, you'll receive a welcome e-mail to get you started in the bootcamp.

+ Over the next 5 days, you'll receive an e-mail each day throughout the 5-day bootcamp. Be sure to open each e-mail and read through each lesson.

+ You'll also get homework and downloadable content to guide you along the way (oh yes, I want you to take action!!)

Don't wait until one week before your maternity leave ends to start building your stash.

By that time, you'll feel so overwhelmed because you have soo many things to prepare!

Are you ready to build your breast milk stash?

Hi, I'm Rina

I teach new moms to prepare for breastfeeding, pump breast milk effectively, and achieve their breastfeeding goals.

I've been pumping for both kids in the past 5 years while working full time.

Now, it's time to share my tried and tested pumping strategy to YOU!

Are you ready to build your breast milk stash?