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+ BONUS #2: Cheat sheets on breast milk storage handling do's and don'ts

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"Just want to say thanks for sharing all your knowledge. It is very encouraging. In the beginning when I pump I only get drops (max 15 ml from both breasts). Thanks to reading your guide, I realize this is normal so I'm not giving up and now I can get 60 ml and sometimes even 80 ml when pumping. Working on getting a good 10 days stash before getting back to work seems much more achievable now.”


"Thank you for your guide, Fiftarina. First of all, I want to let you know, I have followed all your guidance and lessons. In one week, I was able to increase my pumping yield from 4 oz to 7 oz...! And I hope, my milk will increase from day to day until my baby 2 years old.”

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