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A lot of time I feel hungry and tired​. How I wish I have something that is easy to gulp down to replenish my energy. 

That’s why, when Majka approached me to try their lactation protein powder, I felt so excited. Perhaps this is the solution that I need to stay fit and energized throughout my day. 

In this article, I’d like to share with you the benefits of protein powder for breastfeeding moms, in particular Majka ​Nourishing Protein Powder.

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10 Ways To Resolve Clogged Milk Ducts

Do you know what is one of breastfeeding mom’s nightmare? It is getting clogged milk ducts, ouch…

With baby no 3, I frequently got clogged ducts during the early weeks. Trust me, it’s a lot of discomfort and pain. I tried so many things to quickly resolve that, but some ways are simply not effective.

Want to know things that helps clear my clogged ducts? In this article, I explain every method that I used and it’s efficacy.

10 ways to resolve clogged ducts for breastfeeding mom

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Best Baby Carriers For Breastfeeding That You Should Try | 2019 Version

I love to breastfeed in a baby carrier (Even at home, especially when my baby was a newborn).

Can you nurse in any carriers?

Unfortunately not. Not all carriers allow for easy and comfortable breastfeeding.

Having said that, I thought it would be beneficial to share with you some of the very best baby carriers that are great for 

They come in various forms and styles and well, they are not perfect either. So, in this post, I would discuss in details my top 5 baby carriers for breastfeeding, with its detailed pros and cons.

PS: Watch out for some PRO TIPS in some of them. You’ll be glad you know these.

best baby carrier for breastfeeding

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My Milk Supply Suddenly Drops After Returning To Work | What To Do

I received a lot of questions regarding milk supply drop after returning to work. So I thought I would share one of them and steps that you can do to increase your supply back.
my milk supply suddenly drops after returning to work


First,  of all thanks for your guidance. I just started to build my stash 1 week before working. I am currently working for 1 month already. And now my milk supply is getting lower. I am only able to pump 2 times max during working hours. Previously I can get at least 9 oz upto 12 oz per session. And now slowly I can feel my breast is not engorged like before. Please help me!

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Milkology Back To Work Online Pumping Class Review

Your baby is due in a few weeks time.

You plan to go back to work after your maternity leaves end.

But you are worried... utterly worried.

How are you going to continue breastfeeding after you start working again.

You know you will need to pump..

But this whole new world of pumping seems so complicated. 

So you start googling ‘when to pump breast milk’.

You read one article then go back again to Google then check out the next article.

Then you remember again how to introduce bottle to your breastfed baby, and go to Google again. And again and again...

At the end, you feel overwhelmed of so much information from different sources, and you remember so little.


Imagine this...

Would it be easier to have ALL back to work pumping tips compiled and organised for you in one place? So that you can just go back to that oneplace whenever you need more info or forget certain details?

If this is what you want, you may considered The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class by Milkology.

online breastfeeding class by milkology review by pumping momSave
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postpartum depression and breastfeeding

Welcoming a baby into the family can be exciting, overwhelming, joyful and stressful all at the same time. But it can also bring along something unexpected but not uncommon: depression. In fact, it is estimated that one out of eight new mothers experience postpartum depression.   What is postpartum depression? Postpartum depression is a real, […]

medela swing breast pump reviews

Are you thinking to buy Medela Swing breast pump? Then, this post is for you. In this review, I will discuss thoroughly the pros and cons of Medela Swing electric breast pump. I personally own this (purchased around 2 years ago) and have been using it regularly ever since.  

super genie vs spectra s1 breast pump

Some mothers have been asking me the difference between Super Genie vs Spectra S1 breast pumps. So in this article, I try my best to explain the comparison of both breast pumps, the similarities and differences. You’ll find the video below if you are particularly concerned about the noise level of these two breast pumps.

super genie breast pump reviews pumpables

Have you been in a dilemma on which breast pump you should choose? I bet you  want to have a good quality breast pump for effective pumping. At the same time, you crave for portability. A compact pump that you can bring anywhere without a need for a special bag. Unfortunately, most breast pumps are […]