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A lot of time I feel hungry and tired​. How I wish I have something that is easy to gulp down to replenish my energy. 

That’s why, when Majka approached me to try their lactation protein powder, I felt so excited. Perhaps this is the solution that I need to stay fit and energized throughout my day. 

In this article, I’d like to share with you the benefits of protein powder for breastfeeding moms, in particular Majka ​Nourishing Protein Powder.


Disclaimer: I received ​Majka​ Nourishing Protein Powder in excha​nge of my honest review (all opinions are my own).

Why protein is important for breastfeeding mom?

Protein is important for breastfeeding moms.  It is the nutrient that serves as muscle and tissue’s building blocks. Your body also uses protein to produce breast milk for your growing baby. 

Do you know that breastfeeding moms needs extra protein?

Yes, it is recommended for nursing mom to take extra 25 grams of protein daily​. Assuming an average adult needs 50 grams of protein a day, a nursing mom needs even higher protein at 75 grams a day. Sounds a lot, huh?

How could you incorporate that much of protein in your diet, especially when you are so busy taking care of your baby? That’s when protein shake makes things easier. ​Your diet may not be perfect, but you can choose to ​take a protein shake to help fulfilling your protein ​need. 

Five benefits of protein shake for breastfeeding moms

  • 1. Super quick and easy to make. Yes, protein shake is very quick to prepare even when you are busy. You can just mix protein powder and your favorite liquid and your shake is ready to consume. Of course, you can go fancier by adding fruits, veggies and blend them together into a smoothie.
  • 2. Provide a boost of protein. Well, that’s the purpose of making a protein shake. You get extra boost of protein easily. Do you know that  every scoop of Majka protein powder provides 15 grams of protein (that’s about 20% of your daily protein need)!
  • 3. Filling. You know that breastfeeding mom gets hungry easily. This protein shake makes a great breakfast or healthy snack to keep hunger away. 

    4. Boost of energy. Your body is working hard around the clock providing support to your endless activities and producing breast milk at the same time. You need that extra energy to keep you fit throughout the day. When you feel sluggish or tired, protein shake will provide you with boost of energy that you need. 

    5. Mood booster. I’ll explain about this in detail later, but the extra protein from your shake helps to boost a positive mood so that you can stay calm and happy.

    ​Why Majka Protein Powder is Unique

    Majka protein powder differs from the other protein powders in the market. This is because Majka protein powder offers so much more than protein. It also contains wide variety of nutrients to support your diet, probiotics, PLUS lactation-boosting herbs to nourish your milk supply. How awesome is that?

    Here is the detailed break down of what Majka protein powder contains:

    ​You can learn more detail about Majka protein powder ingredients here.

    If you are on a special diet, rest assured that Majka protein powder is vegan and gluten free. Other than that, it is non-GMO, dairy and soy free, plus no artificial sweetener. This is unlike other protein powder sold in the market which has artificial sweeteners, fillers and thickeners which should be avoided. 

    Majka was specially designed by mothers, for mothers. With the help of professional nutritionist, Majka founders took the need of nursing moms and hand-selected the ingredients of this protein powder to provide optimal nutrition for both mom and baby.


    How Do I Feel After Consuming Majka Protein Powder​

    First, about the taste. Majka protein powder does not contain artificial sweetener, yet the protein powder has already some mild sweetness. To be honest, I feel that my protein shakes made with Majka tastes better compared to my husband’s protein powder (which was overly sweet for my preference). 

    My favourite way to consume it is by blending it with milk of my choice and banana or pitted date. But in busy days, I would just mix Majka protein powder with milk in my shakers and be done. I usually consume Majka protein shake early in the morning and I felt more ready to tackle my day.

    During these ten days when I routinely drank my protein shake, I felt that my energy level is higher than usual. I didn’t felt tired easily (which I frequently did). My muscle pain (which occured prior to consuming Majka protein shake) was gone.

    I also noticed that I have better mood throughout the day. I didn’t feel cranky and  irritated easily, especially when my kids pushed my button. Initially I was wondering, how could mood be related to protein? As I read more resources, I understand that protein does affects mood swing. A severe mood swing can be a sign of protein deficiency. 

    Does Majka protein powder increase my milk supply?

    To be honest, I didn’t expect anything about supply boost, considering that:

    I tried pumping milk every morning during the days when I consumed protein shakes. While it is not consistent, I noticed there were days when my milk yield increased close to 1 ounce (such an accomplishment for a mom who used to get only 2 oz per session). 

    However, do note that every mom responds differently to lactation supplement. My friend Heather, was able to increase her milk supply from 5 oz to 6 oz upon consuming Majka protein shake in just a few days, woot woot...! You can read her story here​.

    Who ​Will Benefit From Majka Protein Powder

    Is Majka protein powder beneficial for all breastfeeding mothers? 

    ​If you are struggling to maintain a healthy diet or feeling tired easily, I strongly recommend you to try Majka protein powder.

    Also, if you are fed up with consuming multiple supplements daily (especially multivitamins plus lactation boosters - see the detailed ingredients to see if it suits your need), then Majka protein powder will make your life easier because it combines all these things together. 

    All in all, I believe Majka protein powder is a great complement for maintaining a healthy diet for breastfeeding moms. 

    You can learn more about Majka ​protein powder and its review in  LoveMajka website.

    PS: ​Majka also ​carries other ​milk-booster cookies and other supplements. Do check them out.

    Thank you, Majka, for providing me the opportunity to try your wonderful product. I realize that I need to take better care of my body so that I can take care my little ones better. And now I know what to do when I need to recharge my energy again. 


    Now it's your turn. Have you tried any protein powder before while breastfeeding? Share your experience with us!


    1. Roland says

      Wow! Such an interesting discovery this is and I am very happy to come across this post. My sister just gave birth to a baby boy some few weeks back and as  such, she is just starting out as a breastfeeding mom. This is great and I will be more than glad to share this out with her as I know this would be of immense benefit to her. Thanks

    2. Henderson says

      I didn’t  know about this protein powder, it is very awesome, honestly. My sister is a breast feeding mum and she really does have a hard time too breastfeeding her child. This protein  powder would really be of good help to her. Thank you for adding all the advantages of taking protein shake and how easy it is to make. I’m going to get this for her!

      • Rina says

        Hi Henderson,

        Breastfeeding can be hard, especially in the early weeks. In addition to take care of the baby, she needs to tak a proper care of herself, which includes taking a balanced diet. This protein powder helps to ensure she gets enough protein for her body as well as nourishing her baby. 

    3. Wei Ling says

      Hi Rina, Thank you for sharing about this! Is this product available in Singapore? Or would you have other protein powders to recommend? I’m nursing twins and would very much want to increase my supply.

      • says

        Hi Wei Ling,
        Unfortunately, Majka does not do direct shipment to Singapore (of course, you can try using freight forwarder service such as vPost or comGateway if you want to try this particular brand). Alternatively, you can try Ora Organic protein powder which is also a good option (seems it’s available in Lazada).

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